International City

Niagara Falls is a tourist and convention destination worldwide. The Eighth Wonder of the World is the star of many movies and spectacles.

Niagara Falls is renowned as an important part of the cultural landscape. Its effect goes beyond the city, extending along its similarly named Escarpment north toward Wisconsin and eastward into New York State.

Niagara Falls is home to industries and part of a “Gateway Economic Zone” planned to support economic diversity and promote increased opportunities for cross-border trade, movement of goods, and tourism.

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Things to Think About:

  • Position Niagara Falls as a Gateway Economic Zone

    • Attract industrial jobs
    • Local educational programs in Niagara Falls should align with the city's targeted business growth areas.
    • Attract and retain workers in knowledge sectors by leveraging Niagara Falls' livability and creating affordable, walkable, and transit-supportive neighbourhoods.
    • Create employment opportunities in the Gateway Economic Zone beyond the City's existing settlement area.
  • Renew the Niagara Falls Tourist Proposition

    • Support tourism by expanding non-automobile travel options to Niagara Falls, such as regular GO Train service.
    • Explore transportation alternatives within the City to lessen overcrowding and visitor parking needs.
    • Clearly outline how the City will invest in the non-tourism areas of the community, such as Downtown.
    • Increase the availability of transit and affordable housing to attract and maintain a hospitality workforce.
    • Engage with Indigenous communities when creating a tourism development strategy.
  • Right-size the City’s Retail & Commercial Sector

    • Identify areas of the City where new retail properties should be developed.
    • Mixed-use buildings should contain some retail stores as well as residential and or office uses.
    • Food stores and services should be located close to new homes.
    • Residential intensification around retail properties to support and retain those commercial uses.
    • The Major Transit Station Area shouldreceive more investment, including thecreation of higher density housing.
  • Ready Niagara Falls for Economic Opportunities

    • Housing should be diverse to retain and attract young, educated workers in Niagara Falls.
    • Use the new university and hospital as anchors for future community and business development.
    • The Niagara General hospital site offers a unique and rare redevelopment opportunityin the middle of the City.
    • Transportation and urban design should be strategized to make the City more economically competitive with other cities around the world.
  • The City’s Supply of Employment Land

    • Ensure that lands for jobs are in the right location.
    • Policy should help to unlock business investment.