The City of Niagara Falls (City) has initiated a project to complete the watermain replacement on Don Murie St. from Earl Thomas Ave. to the turnaround and Progress St. from Earl Thomas Ave. to Stanley Ave. A brief description of the planned work has been provided below for your information.

Don Murie St. and Progress St. within the project area will only be restored within the limits of the trench or areas disturbed by construction, including the restoration of the curb and gutter, asphalt pavement and concrete sidewalk.

The current watermain system will be replaced with a new system connecting to the existing watermain on Don Murie St., Stanley Ave., Earl Thomas Ave. and Kister Rd. New water services from the watermain to the property line will be provided to all properties on Don Murie St. and Progress St. within the project area. Reconnection of your existing water service will be made at the property line and include the replacement of the existing shut-off.

Each property will experience a disruption to water service while the contractor completes the property line connection. Please contact the City's Project Manager to coordinate your operation's water supply needs and the most appropriate connection schedule. The Project Manager will work with the contractor to find a suitable date/time to complete the connection.

Damage to your boulevard will be repaired in full. Driveway aprons will be repaired with a clean cut across the driveway width, and asphalt will be restored with asphalt, concrete with concrete, etc.

Decorative or landscaping items (shrubs, hedges, fences, gardens, boulders, etc.) encroaching on City property within the proposed trench should be removed or relocated off City property prior to construction. Large plantings removed or damaged during construction, such as shrubs, hedges, trees, etc., will not be replaced; however, all efforts will be made to salvage smaller shrubs and vegetation for replanting where possible.

Private sprinkler systems should be coordinated with the City's Project Manager. Please contact the Project Manager listed below to discuss this further.

Construction will require road or lane closures on Don Murie St. (Earl Thomas Ave. to the turnaround) and Progress St. (Earl Thomas Ave. to Stanley Ave.). Road or lane closures will be posted on the City's website. Property access impacted by the road/lane closures will receive notification in advance of construction. Vehicle access within the project area may sometimes be difficult and require alternate arrangements. Do not hesitate to contact the City's Project Manager to coordinate or discuss this further.

During construction on Progress St., access to the business park through Progress St. from Stanley Ave. may be limited or closed. Businesses are advised to consider Don Murie St. to Earl Thomas Ave. or Kister Rd. as an alternate route during construction.

Please note that the City's construction schedule is tentative and subject to change based on coordination needs with Regional projects, availability of the City's Contractor, scheduling of private utility relocations and receipt of the necessary easements, permits and approvals. Tentatively, the City proposes that construction commences in the summer of 2023 and work be substantially completed in the fall of 2023.

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