How will the installation process work?

    Installations will be carried out on an area by area basis. A Neptune Technology Group technician does require access to your home during the appointment, please keep that in mind when making your appointment. The upgrade procedure requires approximately 30-90 minutes to complete,during which time the water will be shut off for a brief period.

    Is there a cost to have my water meter upgraded?

    There is no charge for the meter of the installation.

    What do I need to do before my appointment with Neptune Technology Group?

    Before your appointment, clear the area about 50 cm or two feet around your water meter, including above and below, so it’s easily accessible. Water meters are typically located in the basement along the front wall of your home. Please make sure your water shut off switch is also clear of any obstacles so it is easily accessible.

    Do I have to have my water meter upgraded?

    Yes. This is a mandatory program in accordance with Municipal By-law 2016-108.

    Where can I get more information?

    The City will be hosting an open house on October 16th, 2019, running from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Gale Centre in the Memorial Room. Residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Water Meter Replacement Program and to ask questions.

    More information can also be found on the Capital Project page.