1. What do I do if my basement floods?

    If you experience an urgent after-hours sewer issue, please contact the City Service Centre anytime at 905-356-1355.  Click the following links for more information on reducing sewer backups:



    2. What programs does the City have to support homeowners with reducing the chance of basement flooding?

    The City’s Weeping-tile Removal Assistance Program (WRAP) provides 100% cost reimbursement to homeowners who disconnect their weeping-tile from the sanitary sewer system or install backwater valves for prevention of sewage backups.  See the City’s website for further details:  https://niagarafalls.ca/living/environment/wrap.aspx

    3. What is a combined sewer system?

    In a combined sewer system, one pipe carries both sanitary and stormwater flow.   During dry weather, the sanitary flow is carried to the wastewater treatment plant.  

    During heavy rainfall, if the sewer system is full, it is designed to overflow at designated outfalls to nearby waterways to avoid flooding basements or streets (Figure 1). Click image for larger view.

    Figure 1: Combined Sewer Operation During Heavy Rainfall
    (image from https: //ecoss.org)

    In comparison, a separate sewer system has a sanitary sewer to carry wastewater flow to the treatment plant and a storm sewer conveys rainfall runoff to a nearby waterway (Figure 2). Click image for larger view.

    Figure 2: Separate Sewer System (click image for larger view)
    (image from https: //www.seattle.gov)

    4. What is a restrictor plate and why are they used in the Valley Way area?

    A restrictor plate is a device installed inside of a catchbasin to limit the amount of runoff that can flow into the combined or storm sewer systems.  This helps prevent the sewer system from overloading and flooding in undesirable locations – such as basements!  In areas where these devices are located, runoff may temporarily pool on roadways during peak rainfall.  The runoff will gradually enter the sewer system at a controlled rate.

    Example “EZ-Flo” Restrictor Plate in Catchbasin