Tennis Clubs of Canada (TCC), in partnership with the City of Niagara Falls, is constructing an air-inflated dome over the tennis courts at John N. Allan Park, providing an indoor space for residents to play tennis during the fall and winter months.

The dome, funded and operated by Tennis Clubs of Canada at no additional cost to taxpayers, will be erected and dismantled annually, enabling play at the park on a year-round basis.

Currently, Niagara Falls does not have an indoor tennis facility. Only 10 indoor courts exist across the entire Niagara Region. This project will directly address the need for additional year-round options for tennis players in the community. Pickleball and cricket programming will also be incorporated into Tennis Clubs of Canada's plans at the facility.

As part of the project, infrastructure improvements will be made at the park, specifically the parking lot and washroom facilities. The existing basketball court, playground equipment, cricket pitch and ice skating rink at John N. Allan Park will not be impacted by dome construction and operations.

A seasonal, air-supported structure is the most affordable and accessible solution, reducing costs for residents, with zero carbon footprint, and unobstructed views during the spring and summer months.


The seasonal agreement will see the City of Niagara Falls act as the landlord and Tennis Clubs of Canada act as the tenant from October 1 until April 30, over a contracted period of 20 years. Tennis Clubs of Canada would fund and operate the indoor facility during this time frame.


Tennis Clubs of Canada has over 40 years of experience in partnering with municipalities to provide indoor tennis for its residents.

TCC successfully operates six indoor facilities: five seasonal and one year-round. TCC provides a wide range of high-quality programs including round-robins, house leagues, interclub competitions, lessons, camps and tournaments. TCC places an emphasis on accessibility and affordability, offering something for everyone in the community.


The cost to the users will be determined once an agreement is prepared between the City of Niagara Falls and TCC. There are various fees for booking courts including seasonal memberships and the opportunity for those that are not members to also book the facility. Memberships and bookings will be priced at an affordable rate, subsidized for residents. TCC offers a wide range of programs, camps and tournaments for players of all ages that would require a registration fee.

For residents who enjoy utilizing tennis courts year-round, the courts at AG Bridge Park will be available for use free of charge.


  • Tennis is a sport for life. Playing tennis positively contributes to physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • Tennis is one of the best forms of exercise to help improve cardiovascular health.
  • Tennis players have a 56% lower risk of dying of heart disease or a stroke.
  • Playing tennis extends one’s life expectancy by 9.7 years.
  • In order to receive the full benefits of tennis, it is an activity that needs to be played all year round.


TaskStart DateCompletion Date

Tennis Dome Construction/Erection

October 23, 2023

November, 2023

Winter Tennis Dome Grand Opening

February 2024

To learn more about the John Allan Park Tennis Dome, please visit the Tennis Clubs of Canada site at


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