June 2018 Update: New Dog Waste Containers

It's stinky. It attracts flies. And those colourful little bags can't hide what we all know is hiding inside.

Pet waste is one of the most challenging issues every park system and municipality faces. Regular garbage bins at dog parks would have to be emptied daily to combat odour and pest problems.

So we're trying a new system at both of our dog parks to make them cleaner, safer and more attractive. Simply drop your tied, bio-degradeable pet waste bags into the bright green Sutera containers and walk away. Municipal Works takes care of the rest.

Niagara Falls is the first municipality in the Region to invest in the Sutera Dog Waste containment system. The containers were installed in early June by the City's Environmental Services staff.

Once a bio solid fuel centre is built closer to Niagara, this waste can be diverted from our landfill and converted to energy and fertilizer.

Check out Sutera's video below and their website for more information on these modern waste containment systems and "Poop Power".

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