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Riverview Neighbourhood Park Master Plan Summary

over 2 years ago

The City of Niagara Falls is pleased to present the final master plan for Riverview Neighbourhood Park. This master plan reflects consensus comments from the community that were received from the entire consultation process (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.) Key features of the master plan include;

  • A new playground area with accessible turf surfacing near Cattell Drive with a neighbourhood scale seating area.
  • A refurbished tennis court with a new full-size basketball /multi-purpose court and spectator benches. Pickleball lines will be added to the tennis court.
  • A looping trail system that connects Cattell Drive to Sarah Street.
  • Bench fit exercise stations along the looping trail system.
  • A natural ice rink with seating.
  • A smaller asphalt parking lot at Cattell Drive.
  • A children’s soccer field.
  • Open green space for informal play.
  • Refurbished park signage.
  • Vehicular barriers at both Cattell Drive and Sarah Street frontages.
  • A solar powered lighting system will be installed at the new playground.
  • New tree planting throughout the park including larger spaded trees and smaller nursery stock.

In addition to the features listed above, the master plan will also include the removal of the existing soil berms and the installation of new storm sewers throughout the park to deal with poor drainage.

This master plan will be used as the guide for the development of park construction plans. Please note that through the design process minor adjustments may be made to address technical or financial constraints. Thank you to everyone for your time attending public information centres and providing great suggestions for how to make Riverview Neighbourhood Park a wonderful place.

The full master plan can be downloaded under the Document Library to the right.

Consultation has concluded

Lesley and Joe Horth about 2 years ago
I have tried to reach humane society and they have ignored me. I really love what the city is doing to RiverView Park. My concern is that since work has begun that my neighbor has been putting poison out around her house because of the voles. She thinks they have been disturbed out of the park and in our backyards. I am very concerned about the the domestic animals in the neighborhood that eat the voles and then there is the wolves and coyote's that eat the voles. Not only is she killing the voles but anything else that eats voles. I have a dog, the neighbor on the otherside of her has 2 dogs, what happens if a vole dies in our backyard and the dogs play with it, and our dogs dies. Her name is Denise Suja 3110 Rapelje St. L2G 7B8 I am very concerned about the safety of our pets and the domino effect of poisoning the voles.
Lococo Family over 2 years ago
This sounds absolutely awesome! Although, myself and my family will miss the ball diamond. I have lived in this neighbourhood for 50 years and hope to raise my grandchildren (someday) at Riverview Park!