21 May 2019

Deadline for comments

The Province invites you to share your thoughts on the municipalities where you live, work or spend time. Take their online survey, send an email or letter.

They want to hear your views on the way your elected municipal representatives make their decisions and represent your community. They also want your thoughts and observations on the efficiency, effectiveness and cost of the various municipal services that your municipalities provide.

In particular, they are looking for your feedback on:

1. regional governance
2. decision-making
3. service delivery

They will work with this feedback to ensure that our regional government system provides accountability, service delivery and governance that is best for the people of Ontario.

They will report back on what we heard during this consultation in fall 2019.
01 May 2019

Meet the Special Advisors

Everyone is welcome to attend, observe and listen. No registration is required, but space is limited.

Our government is one that listens to the people. People who live and work in the regions covered by the review will have an opportunity to present their ideas for more efficient and effective regional governments to the special advisors - Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling.

Both individuals and organizations had an opportunity submit a request to speak (give a public deputation) to the special advisors in person. The deputations are an opportunity for the advisors to hear directly from you - the people who live, work and spend time in the municipalities covered by the review.