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Offer free passport services to US residents at bordertowns

by davidpmossop,


I am a resident of Niagara Falls and just recently, and surprisingly, I was imposed with the infamous Niagara Falls Development Fee (NFDF).  At least that's what my server called it.  As I was thoroughly disgusted with how this hidden tax has been implemented, I got to thinking of alternative income generators for Canadian border cities.  I also recently heard that 8 out of 10 American citizens don't visit Canada because they don't have a passport.  I was absolutely dumbfounded by this statistic.  I immediately thought ... why doesn't the Niagara Falls municipal government work with the US Niagara Falls government and develop a program for helping Americans get passports so they can come over here and spend their money?! This would more than make up for that ludicrous (and should be illegal) NFDF tax.  I would say Niagara Falls ON CA could setup a booth on the American side and help Americans complete their passport applications and even pay for them.  Along with their application, we would educate them on the services in Niagara Falls Canada, including the exchange rate opportunities.  Think of the credit card booths that are at airports - same basic concept.  We have to get Americans over the border and spend money here.  


David Mossop

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