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Mandatory shovelling of sidewalks

by 1Niagaran, about 2 years ago

Why is it that we in this fair city of Niagara Falls, Ontario are not able to shovel our sidewalks? Are we really that lazy that we can't make it mandatory to shovel our own sidewalks? Progressive cities around the world make it the law to clear sidewalks. Don't give me the excuse that we have a lot of elderly citizens. So do progressive cities. I have neighbours that are young, able individuals that don't bother doing their sidewalk. I also have a neighbour that is not able to do her sidewalk and I gladly do it for her. Enough excuses city councillors, make it the LAW to clear the sidewalks. 

Lloyd Wood

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Jenlynn almost 2 years ago
Lloyd is right. When I first moved here I was walking with a cane. I gave up walking around Niagara because NOBODY likes shovelling in the winter. I'm not using a cane anymore but this year it was so bad that you could only walk in the streets. Forget taking the dog for a walk. Every major city in Ontario has a snow removal bylaw. You can still have the program that assists seniors with volunteers but the rest of them are way too lazy to do it and need to be fined until they learn civic responsibility.
Admin Commented Let’s Talk Niagara Falls Engagement Team almost 2 years ago
The City currently has seven (7) council approved sidewalk plow beats that target sections of sidewalk meeting the following criteria:• Heavily travelled pedestrian routes along arterial streets (arterial roads are classified as high-capacity urban roadways with a primary function of leading traffic from side streets to highways)• In front of main entrance ways for municipal buildings, hospitals, churches and schools• Areas classified as business areasThe City does not have the resources to plow all sidewalks in the City and the front of the schools are plowed only. In residential neigbourhoods it is hoped that everyone will do their part by clearing the snow from the sidewalks in front of where they live. The City of Niagara Falls has not enacted a sidewalk clearing bylaw.Operational reviews of the program are conducted and any proposed changes reported to City Council to consider for inclusion in the Operating Budget. While staff continues to look for efficiencies by optimizing route plans, it has been increasingly difficult to add any additional sidewalk sections without incurring additional delays in service delivery across the City.
firsttube almost 2 years ago
Because sidewalks are on city-owned property (i.e. the right of way), the responsibility to maintain them is ultimately the City's, and that includes snow clearing. The City can enact a bylaw, and even issue fines, but the responsibility to clear the snow and ice is the municipality's, unless there is something a property owner is doing on their own property that affects the public sidewalk like draining an ice rink that freezes that night on the sidewalk. Municipalities are required to meet "minimum maintenance" standards with respect to their roads and sidewalks. By requiring citizens to maintain the sidewalks, the results of those maintenance efforts will vary greatly from one property owner to another, and may not meet the minimum maintenance regulations. One property owner may scrape the sidewalk right to bare concrete and another might just skim the light snow off the top. So this actually puts the municipality in a difficult position. By taking on the task of clearing sidewalks, the City remains in control of the level of service being provided. The City of Winnipeg actually clears their sidewalks, and you may be surprised at how cheap this actually is.