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Make the Michigan Central Railway Bridge into Niagara's version of the High Line Park (Niagara SkyPark)

by cshunters, over 2 years ago

The City owns the bridge which seems to be in good repair. While money has been set aside to demolish it, it sits waiting for a purpose. Let's consider making the Bridge into Niagara's version of NYC's High Line Park. The Niagara "SkyPark" would be unique for both residents and visitors alike on both sides of the border and would help draw in visitors to parts of each City that need redevelopment. Imagine tying in the Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail to the park. It could be a driver to help revitalize Queen and Park St. Business districts and help in-fill around Bridge St.

A similar effort could be made on the US side for their Main St., especially with efforts being made to take down the Robert Moses Parkway - North in the area around the bridge. For now the bridge would have a better partition between countries (thick plexiglass or glass) until the time comes when it can be taken down or something similar to turnstyles could be developed that accepts NEXUS cards or the like.

The bridge could be placed under the control of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and both cities or better yet resident teams could develop a plan for reuse.The financial benefit would be seen in the redevelopment of business districts on both sides of the border, more outdoor and river viewing options for residents.

For tourists, it's another attraction to add to the "stickiness" of the communities, which translates into another drink, dinner, ice cream cone, or hotel stay.

Phase II would be tell the bridge's history, river's history, rail history, underground railroad history, and respective community history via augmented reality applications. I welcome your thoughts and would like to meet on this topic.

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