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"Kidzania" in the City

by Vreynoso, over 2 years ago

Many families with young kids come to visit the City.  These families would stay longer than a day or 2 if the City has more tourism attraction for kids.  There really isn't much for kids to do in the City, except mainly to walk around Clifton Hills and see The Falls, or Marineland

"Kidzania" is coming to Toronto, date unknown. That attraction would be fantastic for Niagara Falls.  Great business for hotels, restaurants and other enterprises if families would stay longer than 2 days in the City. website

The City already missed out on the "Aquarium".  

Please add more 'world class' attraction/activities for kids and let's encourage more families to come and stay longer in the City!

Victoria Reynoso

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Admin Commented Let’s Talk Niagara Falls Engagement Team over 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing! Kidzania sounds like a very fun, family-friendly attraction.. We'll share this with the appropriate staff here at the City.