The City of Niagara Falls has taken an exciting next step in the implementation of the Lundy’s Lane Streetscape Master Plan, by developing a draft preferred conceptual design for the Lundy’s Lane Ontario Power Generation Parkette. The site is located on the north side of Lundy’s Lane, directly to the east of the OPG Canal.

The draft preferred conceptual design has been developed using the guidelines set out in the Lundy’s Lane Streetscape Masterplan (November 2016). The overall goal is to create a unique public recreation space within the Lundy’s Lane Business Improvement Area that displays the City’s history of power generation and celebrates the areas’ natural heritage features.

Key design objectives are as follows:

  • Create a unified design aesthetic with recent streetscape improvements (i.e., lighting, furnishings, gateway features)
  • Establish the BIA as a unique district within the City.
  • Create a space for local events, festivals, gatherings, and outdoor learning.
  • Provide a rest stop for tourists, pedestrians, and cyclists, including users of the Millennium Trail and the Gary Hendershot Trail.
  • Create a cultural attraction for the City’s history.
  • Provide an accessible and safe parkette space.
  • Integrate parkette features with the natural environment to provide a net benefit.

Key design elements:

Presentation Plaza – including Events Pavilion / Picnic Shelter and Plaza, Power generation artifacts, Power Generation Interpretive Wall and In-Ground Water Feature.

Nature, Mindfulness and Arts Presentation Zone including intimate Raised Performance Stage / Education Space, Natural Heritage Interpretive Walk and Natural Habitat Features / Enhancements.

Additional Elements – including parking lot that converts to event space, decorative and seasonal lighting, potential future restroom location, and streetscape enhancements.

Thank you for your feedback!

We appreciate everyone who took the time to review the draft preferred conceptual design and provide input. The design drawings are still available for viewing from this page.

Consultation has now closed. The project team can still be reached