Will the sewage levels for monitored?

    In order to safeguard against flooding,City of Niagara Falls – Environmental Services staff will be monitoring sewage levels in maintenance holes twice per day in the area. If water levels within the maintenance holes reach a predetermined level, City staff will manually intervene and provide relief. For questions regarding the ongoing maintenance activities on this sewer system, please contact the following:

    James Sticca
    Manager of Environmental Services
    City of Niagara Falls
    Phone: 905-356-7521, Ext. 6520
    Email: jsticca@niagarafalls.ca

    Can I apply for the WRAP Subsidy Program?

    Those homeowners that have not already made an application and participated in the City’s WRAP (Weeping Tile Removal Assistance Program) subsidy program are strongly encouraged to do so.  Further information on this program can be found on the following web page: https://www.niagarafalls.ca/living/environment/wrap.aspx.  Participating in the program and having your Weeping Tiles disconnected from your Sanitary Sewer service and a Backwater Valve installed not only provide an added measure of protection against your own basement from flooding, but reduce the load on the current Sewer system under repair and decreases the risk of it surcharging and flooding other homes in the area as well. For further information on the City’s WRAP Program, or to schedule an appointment, please contact one of the following:
    Tony D’Amario
    Infrastructure Technician, City of Niagara Falls
    Phone: 905-356-7521, Ext. 4299
    Email: damario@niagarafalls.ca

    Jeff Anderson, Junior Infrastructure & Environmental Technologist, City of Niagara FallsPhone: 905-356-7521, Ext. 4399
    Email: janderson@niagarafalls.ca

    What engineering/survey work is scheduled for this project?

    Engineering Work: City of Niagara Falls Council has granted approval to begin the detailed engineering design work for this project.  The City is currently working with WSP Canada, Inc. to develop a permanent solution for this area.  This project is considered high priority and is being fast-tracked through the design process in order to reach an acceptable construction readiness level as soon as possible.Survey Work: The first step in the design process will involve some surveying and investigative field work.  During this time there will be crews working on site to gather new topographical survey information and other types of measurements.  Some of the survey information will be obtained on private property to help us determine relevant elevations beyond the City’s property boundary.  Residents are requested not to interfere or disrupt any survey items in the field such as stakes, bars or paint markings.

    In order to develop a solution that can be considered permanent and free of issues in the future, it will be critical to understand the existing ground conditions.  Part of this investigative process will involve crews on site drilling boreholes in the road allowance, sampling soils and installing groundwater monitoring stations.  This fieldwork is expected to last a few working days that will be spread-out over the course of several weeks.

    Why does the City need access to my home for measurements?

    In the coming weeks,City of Niagara Falls staff will be going door-to-door requesting access to basements for the purpose of taking measurements that will help us determine the elevation of basement floors in relation to the City’s sanitary sewer.  This information will assist us in our design and also help us to better understand when we need to intervene to provide temporary relief for the existing sewer system.  Residents can directly contribute to the project by cooperating with City staff and allowing us to gather this important information.