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Construction Update & Roadway Closure Notice

The City of Niagara Falls has commissioned the construction project that will replace the existing sanitary sewer and water service lines on Harvard Avenue from approximately Wiltshire Boulevard to McGill Street and one length of sewer on each leg of Brian Crescent.

City Contract 2017-449-17 will be carried out for the City of Niagara Falls by Centennial Infrastructure (Niagara) Inc. Work on this projectis tentatively scheduled to begin approximately mid-August and will be continuous until completion, weather permitting. Groundwater dewatering activities will be required prior to the replacement of the sewer systems. This will involve pumping operations that may produce unwanted noise. We respectfully request your cooperation and understanding during this time.

Due to the scope of the work involved, the roadway will be closed to through traffic with local access only. Driveway accessibility may be affected during construction with every effort being made to give you advance notice should this occur. At times there may be some inconvenience to you during the construction period.

Please be advised that there will be periodic times when your water will be shut off in order to replace the water service line to your home. There may also be unforeseen emergency water shut downs due to issues encountered in the field. The contractor will make every effort to provide notification of water shut downs in advance, wherever possible.

If your property is disturbed during construction, the City or our Contractor will carry out the necessary repairs as quickly as possible and as weather permits. With respect to sod restoration, please be advised that restoration timing will be weather dependent and the City’s Contractor will water the sodded areas immediately after placement. To ensure proper root growth, the property owner is requested to continue to water the newly sodded areas after the initial watering by the City’s Contractor. With respect to other restoration including concrete work, please be advised that timing will also be weather dependant.

If you have an irrigation system on City property,you must spray paint, with white paint only, or stake-out the location of your irrigation system. Irrigation systems that are damaged by the contractor will only be replaced if they have been properly located by the property owner prior to construction. The property owner will be responsible for repairs to any irrigation system on City property that is damaged if it has not been properly located by the owner.

Decorative or landscaping items (shrubs, hedges, fences, etc.) situated on City property should be removed or relocated off City property prior to construction. Items conflicting with the proposed works may be damaged or destroyed during construction and will not be replaced by the City. If you are uncertain if these items are on City property, please contact the City.

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