When will construction start?

    The construction firm (Garritano Bros Ltd) will take possession of the property in mid-September 2020.  At that point they will start arranging of their sub-contractors and work to be done on the site to commence work.  They anticipate that within 4-6 weeks of this hand over that they will start the work.

    When will construction be completed?

    The projections and requirements we have in place with Garritano, is that they will reach substantial completion by January 2023. This will be dependent on conditions, both construction and non-construction related.

    What about parking?

    The current Sylvia Place parking lot will be mostly a construction zone.  However, the south end of the lot will remain open throughout construction.  There are also many other city lots around the neighbourhood and on street parking.   Please visit the City of Niagara Falls Parking page for details.

    What about the Farmers’ Market during construction?

    We love the market too.  We had already moved our Saturday market over to MacBain Community Centre.  There, we have been able to create a safe environment for our vendors and patrons to serve you.  This move was already in motion to ensure a good space to continue the operations and bring you quality products that our vendors make, bake and grow.  During this time, the market will only operate during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Follow them on social media or check out their website for updates and details. They will be at MacBain until the Exchange opens and they bring this great part of our community back to Main & Ferry.

    What will be in the Niagara Falls Exchange building?

    We are so excited about what is coming.  Working in consultation with community stakeholders the concept provides a great new indoor hall.  This hall will house the Farmers’ Market and so much more.  It will be available for events, functions and community gatherings.  Besides the hall, we will have artist studios for rent.  This will create a safe, clean and collaborative space for area artists to create.  It will also house a small gallery onsite to house exhibitions of local art.  On the main floor, the new site will house a café and a woodworking studio.  More places to come together, meet, create, talk and learn.  

    Beyond the interior, there are great places to meet up with friends and family and it will have several places for artists to create outdoor murals that will enhance the site and the neighbourhood. 

    Will construction be noisy?

    We anticipate that there may be some noisy times.   We certainly will work with the construction company to respect that people live and work in the neighbourhood.   There may also be some times with vibrations coming from the site.  As you probably know, there is a lot of sand in the ground in this area. To ensure that the building is solid, we will be putting in some support features into the ground.  Will be attempting to communicate this through regular updates on Let’s Talk Niagara Falls to ensure this type of work is communicated and you know ahead of time.

    Can I watch the construction process from anywhere?

    We will have a webcam set up on the construction site, where you can see what it doing on from beginning to end.  Once that link is available, we will provide it on our website and Let’s Talk page.