The Exchange - construction update - November 18, 2020

The project is moving forward, slowly, as the construction team starts to prepare the site and ensure that all utilities in the area are abandoned. Obviously, much care is needed to ensure that the site is safe and that area residents have continued services.

The most obviously changes recently has been the erection of the hoarding around the site. The hoarding is necessary to ensure that the site is safe and secure. Care was taken to ensure that the hoarding did not prevent anyone from accessing their properties from one of the adjacent streets.

Lastly, the construction team has added their trailer to the site and this will be headquarters for the construction team moving forward.

If the team can determine that all utilities are removed, the old market building will come down shortly - hopefully within the next two weeks.

If you have questions, please contact Clark Bernat at [email protected] or 905-356-7521 x5906

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