Public Art @ the Exchange announced

A jury from the Niagara Falls Public Art Advisory Task Force has selected the proposed work “Flock,” by Nicholas Crombach, as the winner of the City of Niagara Falls Public Art Competition.

The winning proposal was selected from 16 submissions and five shortlisted designs. The selection was based on the response to the competition’s goal and themes, appropriateness for the site, artistic excellence and technical feasibility, and over 350 comments from the public.

The proposed design is described by the artist, “Flock commemorates the inherent beauty found in spaces and events which bring people together, while at the same time reflecting the natural environment and reminding viewers of our collective duty to protect it. As such, it reflects Niagara Falls itself as a destination which enables vibrant intermingling of cultures and communities, in combination with stunning natural wonders and critical ecosystems.”

About Nicholas Crombach, and the proposed work "Flock"

  • Nicholas Crombach is an award-winning visual artist based in Toronto, Canada, who majored in Sculpture & Installation, at OCAD University, Toronto.
  • “Flock” consists of a cast aluminum sculpture depicting three migratory songbirds frozen in flight. Rendered at a larger than life scale, and positioned to create a roughly pyramidal shape, these unique yet unified birds represent three of the many diverse bird species who migrate to and from the Niagara Region each year.
  • The artwork will be integrated into the existing landscape design.
  • The work will be installed at the Exchange after completion of the construction on the property. Currently, the Exchange is on target for completion in November 2022.
  • The all-inclusive budget of $90,000 will include all costs directly associated with the artwork.

Public art helps strengthen the city’s visual identity, stimulates the economy, and enhances tourism and community pride.

Comments from our Public Art Let's Talk postings on the proposals, include the following about "Flock":

  • I find this piece to be imaginative and engaging. This boldly sculpted trio of birds in varying poses has a wonderful fluidity and great movement. It engages the viewer from every angle. I love the concept of the migratory birds to the area reflecting the the countless human visitors to the area.
  • Absolutely beautiful. I love the elegance and flow and the link to nature. Depicting migratory birds of the Niagara region in a public installation is not only original but also provides a teaching opportunity and helps to promote an appreciation of the Niagara region's international recognition as a "Globally Significant Important Bird Area".
  • These are not just “cute” birds. They are muscular and strong. The eye takes you all around it. It is not gimmicky. It is a great sculpture.
  • The gracefulness of all the curves offsets the angles surrounding it and reminds us that nature and green space are important.
  • It is “dynamic”. It has “movement”. The lines are gentle on the eyes. The negative and positive shapes are of interest to the eye.
  • Beautiful, I love the idea of a piece such as this in our new space, this design is engaging I feel one will feel compelled to take it in its entirety. I love the movement this piece depicts.

When assessing "Flock" the adjudication committee also added: :

  • Impressive scale that works well for the site
  • The maquette showcased the talent and skill of the artist and it would be an ideal work within the location
  • The use of three different indigenous birds provide some insight into the natural world but also the use of the space where people 'flock' to the market and all other things that will happen in this new complex
  • Very pleasant and endearing
  • Elegant

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