Market Hall is looking good

Steel Structure

Bradshaw Ironworks has been busy erecting the steel on the property over the past couple of weeks. The photos below begin to paint the picture of what the building will look like. Check out the photos from Garritano Bros. from today as they checked the progress and recorded it with their drone.

Images courtesy of Garritano Bros. Ltd.

Next couple of weeks

We are anticipating that the nail laminated timber will start arriving onsite in the next week or so. At that point, the flooring will start going in and you will really be able to get a sense of the Studio Building construction and what that will start to look like. Stay tuned, there might be some great shots of the flooring 'flying' into the building and being put in place.

In the news

We had a visit from the Niagara Falls Review who provided readers with an update. Check out John Law's story here.

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