Construction update - May 6, 2021

I think we come on here every two weeks and say that things are progressing in the same ways. It is hard to explain how far things really have moved forward. But when you are on the property, you get a really great sense of change. Yesterday that struck me as I saw the insulation for the market hall floor in place. It is getting real. Basement floors are going in, servicing to the building - at least the conduits - are in place.

The final foundation work is getting into place very shortly, as the 'two buildings' will be connected very shortly. They have started moving steel onto the property for the next stage of work as the building starts to move upwards.

As it is in many aspects of life, the foundation is so critical, so there is still a little bit more before we start seeing the building go vertical, however floors will be poured in the next couple of weeks and the radiant heat system will be put in place and tested just before that. This are moving really well and we anticipate that we can be moving into the building a year from now.

On a similar note - the Farmers' Market is relocated to MacBain during construction and is opening on May 15th! We are really excited about that sign of summer.

All images in this post are courtesy of the General Contractor on the project, Garritano Bros. Ltd.

And one last reminder - the Niagara Falls Museums will host a talk tonight by Doug Todd on the archeology found on the property during construction.

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