Construction Update - May 19, 2021

It is a significant milestone in the project for several reasons. We hit a point where the foundation work is pretty much complete (except for some ramps, stairs and a small entrance space). We are also looking at a substantial completion date that is approximately one year from now (okay, so maybe we are jumping it a bit, but the current projection is the end of May 2022).

You can see from the photos provided by Garritano Bros. Ltd that work is progressing along very nicely. The concrete floor finishing for the Studio building is halfway done. The crew continues to work on weatherproofing, insulation and vapour barriers on the property. And they have completed the testing of the radiant heating system.

In the next two weeks, they will continue with more of the concrete floors in other areas and you will see some structural steel start going up. The team has been working hard since last November, but you will really start to notice changes once the building goes vertical.

While the steel is going up, the work on the ductwork will continue as they will also continue to backfill the foundations when appropriate. It will really start evolving over the coming few weeks/months.

Images Courtesy of Garritano Bros. Ltd
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