Construction Update - March 24, 2021

The weather has been spectacular for this construction project.

The work has been progressing very steadily over the past couple of weeks. We are quite literally laying the foundation for the project. Every day you can see that they have moved a little bit further with the project. It isn't huge leaps and bounds, but steady progress. From the photos I am sharing today. You can see that they are finishing off the foundational walls to the South building. They are also continuing to add waterproofing to the foundation. They have also started to lay the ductwork for the heating of the Market building.
Over the coming few weeks, they will continue to work around the site foundations, will continue waterproofing and weeping tiles. They will start to add underground plumbing into the South building and they will start to back fill into the foundations. It is slow and steady work, but if you look at it over time, you can see how the project is moving.

Take a look at the photos taken day by the Garritano team.

Images Courtesy Garritano Bros. Ltd

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