When will the construction start?

    Construction is anticipated to start in January 2021.

    How long will the construction duration be?

    The duration of construction will be approximately 12 months. 

    Will the existing bridge be closed during the construction?

    Yes, the existing bridge will be closed and then demolished during construction.

    Where will the location of the new bridge be?

    The new bridge will be constructed in the same location as the existing bridge.

    Will the new bridge be higher than the existing bridge?

    The underside of the new bridge will match the elevation of the underside of the existing bridge.  However, the roadway will be raised approximately 1.0m at the bridge to accommodate the new precast concrete box girders.

    Will the new bridge be wider than the existing bridge?

    Yes, the new bridge will be wider than the existing bridge.  The existing bridge has two 3.0m-wide vehicular lanes (6.0m total roadway width).  The new bridge will have two 3.25m-wide vehicular lanes and two 1.0m-wide paved shoulders over the structure (8.5m total roadway width).

    When was the existing bridge constructed?

    The existing bridge was built in 1952.

    What is the expected service life of the new bridge?

    The new bridge is designed for a service life of 75 years in accordance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.